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Gunung Nuang (1493m), Selangor

Objective: Gunung Nuang (1493m) via Pangsoon, Hulu Langat

There are three hiking routes to the peak and all of them were built by Malaysian Department of Wildlife and National Parks. Two of them start in Selangor; one at Kuala Pangsoon in Hulu Langat and another at Kampung Kemensah in Gombak. The third path originates from Bukit Tinggi in Bentong, Pahang. Genting Highlands is visible at night from the peak.
- information above is extracted from Wikipedia -

Directions to Basecamp car park of Gunung Nuang

From Leisure Mall Cheras, drive towards the Kajang hwy. You will pass a TOLL. First exit after the toll will take you to Hulu Langat if you keep left. Go straight at the first traffic lights. You will get to a second traffic lights with a police station at the T-junction on your right. Take a left turn at the lights. Go straight a long this very very long kampong road. It will take you pass many small kampungs along the road, i.e. Kampung Batu 14, Batu 18, etc. (you will see exits for Ampang, Semenyih, Kajang, etc. but keep going straight). Sg. Hulu Langat is on your right side.

Towards the end of this long winding road you will arrive at the last kampong along the Hulu Langat river. You will see a big TNB pump station on your left with a football field in front of a bus stop. The road breaks into a V (there is also a bridge going across the river). Take the road LEFT of the football field.

Follow this road. You will see a very very old signboard describing G. Nuang. The road curves right and will take you to directly to a Puncak Niaga gate. Just before the gate, turn left and you will end up at the G.Nuang ranger station & parking lot. There are some chalets for rent. Est. time from Cheras, 45mins - 1hr.

Ranger Station

REPORT to the ranger office there before you start your hike.

1. Let them know how many people are in your party, which are your cars, and when you are expected back.
2. You will have to pay RM 1 per hiker.
3. Take your ticket/receipt and write down the phone number of the ranger on duty. This will be very useful especially if you have an emergency within your group. The rangers are very used to ‘rescuing' unprepared hikers and hikers who end up in Janda Baik.

Best to start hike from the office at 7.30am, if you want to make it back before dark.

What to Bring

Compulsory items - Day Hike

1. Water in easy to carry method, 1.5 - 2 liters (CamelBak highly recommended)
2. Food: munchies, trial mix/energy bars, lunch, etc. (PowerBar or Gel)
3. Headlamp or torchlight in case of emergency.
4. Mosquito repellant


1. Wear good trekking shoes and thick COOLMAX socks, if you don't want blisters!
2. Bring a pair of trekking poles if you have knee problems (Seriously!)
3. You can wear shorts and sleeveless, but it may get very cold if it rains.
4. Bring a poncho or rain jacket and rain cover for your backpack.
5. Sandals - if you want dry shoes. There will be two ankle/knee deep river crossings at the camping sites.
6. First aid kit & pocket knife if you have one.

Leech factor : 1 (not very many unless you end up in Janda Baik, factor 5)

You can leave your change of cloths & extra water/food in the car. Make sure you car has a full tank of gas before you go into Hulu Langat. Petrol is hard to find in Pangsoon. Keep your car keys at the top of your pack so you can find it easily.

The Trail

The trail is simple to follow most of the way but can get to be very steep. You will need energy. Generally, you want to carry as little as possible yet not starve or freeze to death. A LIGHT PACK IS A GOOD OPTION.

START your hike from the main office on old logging road. There is an obvious split in the road after a 100m or so. Keep RIGHT on this main logging road and walk pass beautiful fir trees (this is the ‘Salem High Country' road which you will look forward to on your way out!).

Section 1: OLD LOGGING ROAD. Mild terrain. Undulating trail. Est.time: 45mins - 1hr 30mins. You will end up at a cement hut.

Section 2: Take the trail in by following the water pipeline. You will cross two small streams by stepping stones. This trail goes up to a water pump station. Nice rest stop. Est.time 2hrs from car park.

This section is the ‘Lolo Waterfall Campsite' (You can also find directions to this campsite in Waterfalls of Malaysia online directory)

Walk across the wall and the path continues on your left by the river. You will pass a few campsites near the water edge. The first ankle/knee deep crossing will take you to a campsite with a row of obvious tent pits. Walk directly towards the other end.

Look across the river and you will see a large wooden HUT. This next river crossing is your last water source (DON'T drink directly from river. Make sure you filter the water & disinfect it before drinking). Once at the hut, get ready for some serious hiking! There will be no more river crossings after this. Est. time to reach hut, 2hrs 30 mins from car park.

Section 3: From the river, the trail starts on your left (hut is on your right side). This muddy trail section can hide a few leaches. Watch out for mud slides. Some fallen trees and bamboo will cross the path. After 10-15 mins, the trail opens up to the infamous ‘evil red earth' section. This uphill section continues for about an hour! You will finally reach the last campsite ‘Kem Pacat' before the peak.

Section 4: After the red earth section, you will hit the camp clearing known as ‘Kem Pacat'. The only water source for Kem Pacat is a long way down. You can almost hear the river. You will probably only visit this water source if you are camping or really desperate for water.

Go directly across the campsite and look for the trail leading up. The jungle hike becomes a tree-root and rock scramble. Follow the rocky trial to the top. You will see a big tree! J This is the ‘false peak'. The path goes left behind the big tree. Est. time 1hr from Kem Pacat to false peak.

Section 5: You will head down hill a little and come across a big muddy patch. After this, it is a nice ridge walk until you hit another rocky scramble to the peak! Est. time 30mins - 40 mins to the peak of GUNUNG NUANG!


The trail forks at the "false peak". You want to go left and proceed to the actual peak. (Turning right will take you to Janda Baik...which is when you may need your torchlight and leech protection). Turn back if you do not feel you are on the right path.

The Trail (up hill)

1.5 hours Logging Trail from parking lot (fast time, 1 hour)

30 mins River crossings at campsites (fast time, 10 mins)

1- 2 hours Evil red earth section (fast time, 45 mins)

1 hour Rocky section & tree root scramble (fast time, 30 mins)

40mins From "false peak" to REAL PEAK (fast time, 20 mins)

Avg. time going up = under 6 hours, Fast time = under 3 hours.

Record time for G.Nuang up and down is around 2 hrs 45 mins (I heard).

Same path down and back to parking lot.

If you take more than 6 hours going up, you should turn back even before you reach the peak. It is advisable to turn back at 1:00pm no matter where you are if you are taking a long time going up. It will take you just as much time to hike down. Sometimes it gets DARK in Nuang by 5pm or earlier if it rains.

If you summit, you should start heading down by 2:00pm, if you want to make it out before dark. (If you plan to RUN down, you can leave the summit at 3pm). It gets VERY dark under the canopy by 6pm and you will need headlamps.

If you turn back, you should plan to meet at the Lolo pump house and walk back on the logging road to the car together. Head count before you leave the trail.

Remember to report back to the office to let them know you are all out and safe.

Cheers! Go conquer Gunung Nuang.


Info by Leong Dee Lu.

(Last updated June 2008)

Source file: COREZONE


06 June 2008 @ 19:04 PM  |  Category: Trail Maps & Directions



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